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Denali Park Alaska
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For Business, Crews, Venues &/or Events

Alaskan Retreats has been providing long term and short term leases and rentals in Nenana for years. We are accustomed to working with businesses and we do our best to accommodate their needs. We have various locations and configurations available .  Or if you have plans to rent as a venue for an event or wedding, please reach out as we can provide catering and event services. If you would like to reserve for any of these purposes, please reach out directly to us at 907-347-9720 or 907-347-9705. You can also email us at 


Catering, Photography, & Other Event Services

Depending on availability we can also provide other amenities such as catering and food services, pavilions, and tables/chairs for wedding and/or events. We also offer professional photography services. Please let us know what your needs are, your budget, and we will see what services we can offer you. 

Depending on availability we provide several locations to host events in the area of Nenana. Please contact us for more specific information regarding your event.  

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