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Alaskan Retreats

Life of an Alaskan Excursion

Your Guide: Amie Verhagen




Meeting Address:

487 A Street Nenana, Ak  (Alaskan Gallery Parking lot)

Life of an Alaskan Excursion

Come experience with me what it takes to live in interior Alaska. This is as authentic as it gets as I take you around my town and share experiences, sites, stories, 

These are not touristy locations, just the authentic, wild nature of real Alaska where I show you what it's like to live like an Alaskan

A local treat to eat at the end!

Excursion Highlights

Seasonal Highlights

Walkabout or Easy Trail

This includes activities such as river breakup, birch tapping, wildflower and medicinal plant searches, or berry picking (dependent on the season).

We will get out and touch, feel and see nature up close.

Interior Alaska 101

Learn unique things about our area, the beauties and challenges of living in the extremes of the boreal region.

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